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Best binary options brokers offering educational resources

USD MOneyBinary option trading is not a child’s play and if you want to make a mark in this field, you will have to be thorough with the subject and the underlying concept. There are many parameters that help us to determine the rating and the ranking of a particular broker operating in the binary option market.

It has been observed that the best binary options brokers are the ones that offer adequate study material. In most of the cases, their websites have a totally different educational section that will have FAQs or the Frequently Asked Questions. For example

One of the aspects that determine the same is how much help the broker is extending in terms of providing educational materials, resources, and tools that will help the trader to understand the concept of the trade well.


Qantas again reported positive report

QantasQantas is back on the winning track as cooperation with Dubai-based Emirates company helped limit losses from international operations. The Australian airline declared a net profit of 6 million AUD (5.4 million USD) for the year ended June 30 fiscal year. Although relatively small in size financial result was significantly more positive than that recorded a year earlier loss of 244 million AUD. The airline is also praised the losses of its international unit, which created major woes in recent years have been limited by half from a year earlier. The chief executive of Qantas Alan Joyce said that cooperation with Emirates, the beginning of which was officially announced in September last year, has helped the Australian carrier to increase your bookings to some of the key markets.
"The partnership between Qantas and Emirates strengthen our position in the routes to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa through the global center Dubai", said Joyce in a statement. "The number of reservations was very positive, exceeding about twice the level of previous joint agreements for Qantas flights to Europe", said the director of the company. Alan Joyce continued upbeat tone, adding that the airline is on track to achieve its goal of bringing international flights on Qantas profitable territory in fiscal 2015. The good financial statements of the Australian carrier boost trade with its shares on the stock exchange in Sydney, as shares rose 9 percent during the session on Thursday.


Accor was pressed by weaken European economy

AccorAccor, which is the European largest hotel group by sales, warned that operating profit could shrink this year due to the weakened economy on its core markets and investments in the online reservation system. The French company, however, did not reveal details of their strategic plans, which disappointed investors. It is the beginning of the implementation of the three-year plan that aims to increase the operating margin to over 15% by 2016 from 9.3% in 2012. Today the company announced that operating profit for the first half shrank by 6.4% to 198 million EUR, while the consensus forecast of analysts was for an operating profit of EUR 210 million.
The net profit for the January-June period was the United Kingdom does 32 million EUR, while at the same time last year, the company reported a loss of 532 million EUR.
By Accor indicate that the impact of the austerity measures will be felt Res second half.


How does spread betting differ from traditional stock trading?

USDFinancial spread betting is becoming increasingly popular across the world as an alternative to traditional stock market investments. There are a number of reasons for this and we've highlighted how the two methods differ below.

What is financial spread betting?

You can find out more about the process here, but simply put, financial spread betting is the process by which you can place bets on the market movements of different trading instruments and make a profit if they behave as you have anticipated.

Unlike with traditional betting ( where there is a definitive outcome whereby your bet either wins or loses, spread betting rewards the accuracy of the prediction. You are presented with the possible outcomes and you can decide whether actual result will be above or below the spread - the price quoted by the company.

The spread will contain both a buy and sell value and traders use the buy value if they expect the market to rise, or the sell if they anticipate a fall.


Entertainment branches are gaining higher market stake

MoneyA lot of companies lost during the last years a lot of their assets and their profits. Definitely the problem with the financial crisis was harder for the employees, who lost their jobs and their wages. This reflected hardly with increase of the market stake of some branches in entertainment section. A lot of new bingo sites appeared in internet because of the fact that people are searching for some opportunity to earn some cash and pay their expenses. Definitely such websites attract the new customers with high profits, good fits and bonuses. Definitely the people are searching for some alternative of the forex trade and the stock exchanges. Such people are trying to make money from games and try to decrease the risk of loses with some strategies. The new bingo sites 2012 are really more than the previous year and the customers are highly attracted with even higher welcome bonuses and no deposit playing. This is increasing the market stake of the companies engaged with such entertainments and games. The sun bingo reported high increase of the new customers and profits for the previous year and increased the forecasts for year 2012. Definitely this will reflect to the markets and it is highly expected the growth of the entertainment and games companies to increase in 2012 too.


Quarterly loss of Sears Holdings expand beyond the expectations

Sears HoldingsSears Holdings Corp, which is the operator of the eponymous department stores and chain shopping with discounts Kmart, reported higher net profit for the second quarter, as sales in both chains. The net loss fo0r Q2 2013 expanded to 194 million USD or 1.83 USD per share, from 132 million USD or 1.25 USD per share in the April-June 2012. If you exclude gains from the sale of certain assets and other one-off effects, the loss decreased to 1.46 USD per share, a highlight of the company. A year earlier, the negative result of the main activity, however, was only 1.06 USD per share. The revenues in the second quarter of 2013 has dropped to 8.87 billion USD from 9.47 billion USD in the same period last year.
The analysts expected to Sears reported a loss of 1.10 USD per share on revenue of 9.01 billion USD. The company attributed the decline in revenue primarily to the closure of some of the stores in both chains. The comparable sales at Kmart fell 2.1% during the period, while Sears Domestic fell by 0.8% and Sears Canada - 2.5%.


Property market recovery in USA supported the report of Home Depot

The Home DepotThe recovery of the US housing and property market has helped the performance of Home Depot in the second quarter of 2013. The shares of the company rose more than 3% in pre-trade before the start of today's session, said the official statement. The net income rose to 1.8 billion USD, or 1.24 USD per share, in the second quarter of 2013 (Q2 2013), while an year earlier it was 1.53 billion USD or 1.01 USD per share. The analysts had expected the company's profit to reach profit of 2.21 billion USD.
Home Depot sales are up just over 9% to 22.5 billion USD, while expectations were for 21.8 billion USD. The sales at stores open at least a year rose by 10.7%, with growth in USA is over 11%.
The company raised its forecast for profit this year of 3.52 USD per share to 3.6 USD per share. The expectations are also sales to rise by 4.5% for the year, while the previous forecast was for growth of 2.8%.


Cost reduction increased the profits of Best Buy

Best BuyThe largest retailer of consumer electronics in the world - Best Buy Co Inc, marked its first quarterly profit in the last year in view of the significant reduction in costs, which the company launched in recent months. Reported in the April-June 2013 period earnings and revenue topped analysts' estimates. Net income rose to 266 million USD, or 0.77 USD per share ended in August 4th fiscal quarter. An year earlier, Best Buy Co reported a rise in profits of 12 million USD, or 0.04 USD per share. The excluding one-off effects, the company made ​​a profit of 0.32 USD per share, while the average forecast of respondents earlier analysts had the effect of 0.12 USD. Despite the decline in revenue of 0.4 percent to 9.30 billion result exceeded the expectations of experts who predicted a drop to 9.13 billion USD. According to the CEO Hubert Joly, who took the helm last fall, the company has revolutionized the way they manage, cutting jobs and closing some of its under-performing stores. In recent months, Best Buy Co managed to break free and non-productive assets in the European joint venture company which was formed with Carphone Warehouse Group. Against the background of growing competition from Best Buy Co also boasted of being able to lower their prices and thus reap more rapidly changing technology products such as smartphones and tablets. The company also invested in staff training and has restructured its website.


What is Leverage in Forex Trading?

USD MOneyOne of the many things that you've probably heard about the forex market is that it is the best market to trade on due to the sheer size of the leverage that brokers are willing to provide.

Unfortunately, most investors don't fully understand what leverage means – and that can lead to some pretty heavy losses if you aren't careful!

Definition of Leverage

In the simplest possible terms, leverage is a loan that brokers give to investors who want to trade on the forex. To obtain that loan, investors need to first put up an initial 'margin' and a specific leverage will be provided accordingly.

For example, if an investor deposits $1,000 into their trading account the broker may offer them leverage of 100:1 which would mean that they could effectively trade using $100,000.

Typically, the leverage provided by brokers in the forex is 50:1, 100:1, or 200:1. Compared to other markets such as equities where a 2:1 leverage is normally the maximum, or futures where a 15:1 leverage is the norm – you should easily see why the leverage offered by forex is so attractive.

That being said it is important to note that when you're trading with a larger amount due to leverage, even small fluctuations that don't go the way you planned could wipe out your initial margin. That is why it is important to use resources such as those provided by and have a firm understanding of the market before you make use of leverage.


Hewlett-Packard continues to lose revenue

Hewlett-PackardThe US technology corporation Hewlett-Packard (HP) again must endure painful setback in its fight against PC- crisis. Designated by the CEO Meg Whitman as the most important for the revival of the subdivision Servers and Software reported a sharp decline in sales. New manager will now have to return back to the division's success. Moreover, Wednesday Whitman said goodbye and the goal in the next fiscal year the company reported growth. Over the past quarter revenue decreased annually by eight percent to 27.2 billion USD, as announced by HP after the end of the trading session in USA on Wednesday. Now Whitman is no longer expected growth for the next fiscal year, which begins in the fall. However, HP achieved finalized in late July, a third -quarter profit of 1.39 billion USD. A year ago, the company reported a loss of 8.86 billion USD. Then the big write-offs and higher costs for job cuts loaded results. The HP's stock reacted to the data with a sharp drop in the post-trade, which at times reached nearly 8 percent. The businesses in the core areas of computer pioneer shrinks considerably. The PC sales division fell 11 percent to 7.7 billion USD. Especially strong is the decline in sales of private users where the reduction is a full 22 percent. According to market analysts in the quarter PC sales recorded a decline of about ten percent. Consumers still prefer to buy smartphones and tablets <<>>, where HP is underrepresented. Under these circumstances, the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo scoring points in the PC market and HP recently shifted from the throne of the largest PC manufacturer in the world.


Carrefour has returned to profit after assets restructure

CarrefourCarrefour SA again managed to achieve profit while reducing their debts in the first half of the year. The positive results of the French company for retail came despite ongoing insecurity and unfavorable economic situation in Europe. The second largest retailer in the world after the US Wal-Mart Stores Inc is in the midst of releasing a portion of its assets. The company has already left more than half a dozen markets around the world, following the goal to release funds to strengthen its key markets in Europe, China and Brazil. The net profit for the first half Carrefour has reached 902 million EUR compared with a loss of 31 million euros in the same period last year. The sharp increase is mainly due to the sale of businesses in Indonesia and the Middle East, according to information from the company itself. The net debt of the French company for the first six months of 2013 were in the amount of 5.89 billion EUR, down from 9.63 billion EUR in the same period an year earlier. Earlier this month Carrefour posted a separate statement of income, which declined by 1% yoy to 41 billion EUR due to divested or closed stores worldwide. In recent months, based in Boulogne company showed increased resistance to its sales in the domestic market, where lower prices of popular products and focus on more avtomnost individual stores. Meanwhile, businesses in Latin America and Asia continue to be successful, offsetting declining revenue in southern Europe, where consumers are still suffering hardships full force of the economic crisis.